Why choose Individual Family Health Insurance

What is the need for Health Insurance?

As a result of increasing demand for medical services, health insurance premiums seem to be on the rise all the time. Health insurance is probably one of the most rapidly-increasing expenditures for individuals, families and companies alike. In times of medical needs, your health insurance policy can handle all your medical expenses, whether it is a routine check-up at your physician’s office or a major surgical operation. Therefore, it is important to get proper medical coverage at reasonable premium rates which Shaheen Health Care, a product of Shaheen Insurance Company (PVT) Ltd, is now offering.

Why choose Family Health Insurance?

A family with several children, it is best to have a family health insurance. Family medical insurance translates to a secure financial future for the entire family. An emergency can happen anytime, especially when we least expect it. However many families ignore to have proper medical coverage until such time. The cost of treatment for emergency situations is sometimes very high for the family to bear in their usual income especially in Pakistan thus it is essential to purchase a family medical insurance plan before it is too late or before such situations should arise.

Why Choose Individual Health Insurance?

You may think that you have everything you wanted in life and feel secure with all your possessions. However, uncertainty is a fact of life. Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere even to the wealthiest people, not only the poor. People think that they don’t have families thus they wont end up in situations where high medical treatment cost will be involved but sadly, in Pakistan, Dread diseases like Hepatitis, Dengue Fever have become common and instances of diseases like Cholera, Enteric Fever have risen thus inflicting a high medical cost of treatment on any individual at any time thus to guard yourself against health-related uncertainties, it is best to be prepared at all times by getting an individual health insurance plan.

  Problems faced by Individual regarding Health Insurance

  • High premium Rates
  • Lesser Options of companies for Selection of better Health Insurance Packages.
  • Less insurance coverage being offered by Insurance packages
  • Limitations and exclusions over IPD coverage offered
  • Over strict criteria for eligibility
  • Long tiring procedure for document processing
  • Small panel hospital lists
  • Long waiting period for claim re-imbursement
  • High rates of document processing

  Shaheen Individual Family Health Packages

Shaheen Health Care Packages

Individual/Family Health Insurance


Individual/Family Health Insurance

Processing/Documentation Charges Inclusive of the premium charged for all packages

Benefits and Values added services


  • Low Premium Rates
  • Special Hospital Discounts for Shaheen Insurance Clients
  • No Medical Check-ups
  • No-Claim Discount of 5% on first year renewal and 10% for the subsequent year in case no claim is made by lives insured under your policy
  • Family Discount of 5% of total premium is applicable on all children being insured below 18 years of age. (applicable from second child and so on).

Value Added Services

Vast Network of Panel-Hospitals with courteous staff ready to accommodate you according to your policy.These non insurance services are provided through a contractual agreement with third parties and are not administered or underwritten by us. Unless indicated, these services are available to most Shaheen Health Care customers.

  • 24Hr Hospital Information Help Lines
  • 24Hr Hospital Dedicated Nursing Staff