Aviation - Overview

Aviation Insurance related to Aircraft & the Airlines. It provided protection against loss of and /or damage to the Aircraft and /or cargo and /or passengers and /or their baggage due to any mishap during flight and /or on the ground. Aviation Insurance is divided into two sections i.e. Aviation Hull Insurance & Aviation Liability Insurance.

In the Aviation Insurance market Commercial Airlines are the main groups of buyers. In addition to Airlines, there are also number of other important buyers present, including the operators of Corporate Aircrafts, Private Operators & Flying Clubs, Airport Authorities and the Aircraft manufactures and owners and operators of Air-Ports, Hangers.

Aviation Hull Insurance

This refers to the insurance of the Aircraft itself which includes accidental damage to structure/body of the Aircraft and /or its fixtures, fittings and all items thereon including engines.

Shaheen Insurance provides entire coverage available in aviation Insurance for the Aircrafts.

Aviation Liability Insurance

This Insurance covers legal liability of the Airlines against loss and /or damage to third party(s).

The insurers will indemnify the insured for all sums that he becomes legally liable to pay as damage (including cost) in respect of accidental death and /or personal injuries and /or property damage sustained by any third party and /or fair paying passenger and /or the crew.