Mission    Mission


We Care As You Prosper

To deliver fast, local medical assistance of the highest standard anywhere in the Pakistan, thereby meeting customers’ expectations every time.

To launch nationwide a comprehensive range of home care and health related services for our policy & stake holders To develop innovative, pertinent health care products and services to fill in where other public health care policies are deficient, and to offer an appropriate service demanded and expected by our clients.

To design truly differentiating, innovative services of the highest quality, tailored to meet and exceed extremely high customer expectations, in a market where brand loyalty is volatile and competition is very tough.

To design an extended assistance services offer which takes into account a rapidly changing market and increasing population.

What is Health Insurance

Health Insurance guards against unforeseen cash flows and financial hardships arising due to ailments, accidents and other natural causes necessitating Hospitalization.
By paying a nominal amount of premium, one ensures:

Peace of mind:

The cost of medical treatment is very high, especially in case of Dread Diseases, and escalating at a rate of more than 30% per annum. By acquiring health insurance the employers have peace of mind and they do not fear the uncertain and urgent need of funds needed to nurse the unexpected affliction.

Quality Health Care:

A particular concern in any health insurance is the quality of service provided. Whenever Shaheen Insurance enters into an agreement with the hospitals, it always lays stress upon the service quality. The insurance companies have a big clientele of many companies, so the hospitals are themselves careful of the service they provide to the insured persons.

Greater Employee Benefits:

A Company would usually put limits on the medical benefit provided to the employee depending on the cash flows it can afford. In Medical Insurance, since the insurance company caps the risk with a very low premium, the employer with the same cash flows can offer extreme limits to the employees.