Claim Re-Imbursement Procedure

For Panel Hospitals)

The individual should visit the panel hospital and intimate his case via hospital to Health Department, SICL, Islamabad for approval before getting admitted in the panel hospital.
In case of medical emergencies, case will be intimated during first aid treatment and charges will be settled as per approval of intimation before discharge.

Applicable for Medical Emergency Cases Only

For Non-Panel Hospitals)

  • Settle your medical bills with the medical facility provider (Hospital/Clinic).
  • Collect Payment Receipts, Investigation Reports, Discharge Certificate/Card/Summary showing Chief Complaints, Present History, Past History, Operation/Procedure Notes (if any), Diagnosis, Investigations advised and Course of Treatment.
  • Fill in the `IPD Claim Form` completely duly signed by attending doctor with his contact no and attach all documents with this claim form
  • Dispatch it to Shaheen Insurance Company (PVT) Ltd Islamabad (Address on brochure) within 1 month.
  • The papers will be evaluated and your claim will be processed.
  • Claim will be settled within 15-30 working days of receiving the claim form.